“Harrasses en bois” are the wooden crates that carry wine bottles from the vineyards of France to the wine cellars and boutiques of the cities, towns and villages. A selection of these are then handcrafted by Mouni in Totnes, Devon. You can now have these authentic wine crates end their journey right in your home in the form of elegant and stylish furniture. Take this opportunity to own a beautiful piece of this tradition.


Bois Rustique has been in business for over 5 years, making unique wine crate furniture for your home. The founder Mouni van Kampen is a retired carpenter who loves exploring new creations with wood.

He has been a carpenter for over 30 years making mainly bespoke kitchens and windows, but in his retirement he decided to try and focus on more unique furniture designs that fulfils his passion for old and reclaimed wood. The wine crate designs started as a request from Mouni’s son who wanted to create something unique for his first flat in London.

Bois Rustique workshop


“I have a passion for wine and after being given some old wine crates by a friend, I went into my workshop and started playing around with ideas. I enjoyed making something special for my son.”

The result was Mouni’s first wine crate chest of draws and needless to say, his son wasn’t disappointed. The feedback from family and friends inspired Mouni into developing more designs which you can now buy straight from our shop.